New skateboard park open; city sets rules

Dee Cruise

Plaquemine’s newest recreation facility – a skateboard park at City Park on Belleview Road – is open for skateboarders and in-line skaters. There’s a new set of rules governing the use of the facility, too.

“Everything’s finished,” said Mayor Mark A. “Tony” Gulotta. “Kids have been playing there every day, every day.”

The Board of Selectmen last week adopted a policy advising those who use the new park that:

“This skateboard park is unsupervised. Skate within your own abilities and at your own risk.

Helmets are required for all participants. All safety equipment, including helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards must be worn at all times. Please skate responsibly.”

An ordinance governing the use of the park forbids:

-- Firearms, soliciting, camping, sale of merchandise and sound amplifying devices.

-- Profanity or foul language and boisterous behavior.

-- Gum chewing, tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

-- Food and/or beverages and glass bottles.

-- Horseplay, fighting and littering.

-- All forms of graffiti, waxing, tagging, stickers or vandalism.

-- Unauthorized equipment, ramps or obstacles.

-- Use of the park when the surface is wet or icy.

-- Spectators in the skating  area unless it is someone supervising a participant.

-- Scooters, motorized vehicles, bicycles and animals.

The policy also advises that “skating against traffic flow is dangerous and can cause serious injury.”

Gulotta said the policy was a combination of regulations from several other cities. He asked the city council to pass the measure quickly, since skaters have been using the facility, even though it has not been formally opened.

Sometime this week, city officials will set a date to dedicate the skateboard park, the mayor said.

The City of Plaquemine built the skateboard park, but the Iberville Parks & Recreation District will take over this operation.

The city ordinance allows IPRD to establish a system for issuing temporary permits for reserving part of the park at a certain time, or a series of times; posting signs or erecting structures or obstructions of any kind, and commercial activity.