St. Gabriel woman sues over BRCC beauty contest

Tryve Brackin

St. Gabriel resident Zaine Kasem filed suit last week against Baton Rouge Community College and others, asking to halt a school coronation until legal proceedings were concluded.

Kasem, 19, ran for Ms. Baton Rouge Community College, however, she received a letter in April that she was disqualified from the election due to the breaking of campaign etiquette rules. The BRCC election committee members said a letter was sent out to candidates in March setting guidelines of etiquette.

The committee reported that votes were solicited by telephone campaign for her for the school honor and some students complained. A guideline of etiquette was therefore broken per the BRCC committee.

Kasem alleged she was never giving a hearing or opportunity to appeal and was never told who had called the committee about telephone solicitations or was shown any evidence against her by the school or committee.

District Judge William Morvant denied the suit request to halt the coronation. He said there was “no showing of irreparable harm” per a report in THE ADVOCATE. The coronation of Ms. Baton Rouge Community College was reportedly held Saturday.

Kasem is the daughter of Blanche Blaylock of St. Gabriel who recently ran for Justice of the Peace in Ward 2. Blaylock filed suit about the confusion caused by the Iberville Parish election ballot in which “Justice of the Peace” was listed twice in the ballot, one of the times right below the Constable portion of the ballot.