Mickey Rivet nets Kiwanis Citizen of Year honor

Tryve Brackin
.Mickey Rivet has been the office manager of PWA Credit for 19 years, but in his off time he is so active with the Plaquemine community that he attended six civic events in five days last week.

Over last week’s five-day work period Mickey Rivet attended six different civic events. One of those events, the annual Kiwanis Club’s Prayer Breakfast, the local District 4 Councilman and businessman was recognized for the very fact he shows up at all of the public gatherings.

Rivet was named the 2008 Plaquemine Citizen of the Year by the local civic club. The honor goes to a citizen who is very active in local commerce and community. It came only a month or so after he was named the 2008 Knight of the Year by the Knights of Columbus Council 970.

“I never thought about it, was surprised. But I did notch my aunt and nephew at the event, so I began to suspect something was going on. And then they began to talk about the Citizen of the Year and it started to sound like me. I just want to thank those who thought about me for this great honor. It is very nice to be recognized,” said Rivet.

The early Tuesday morning Prayer Breakfast was just one of repeated events he attended during the week. He went to an Iberville Parish zoning meet, a KC meeting, the annual Council on Aging Thanksgiving Luncheon (where he gave out prizes he donated), a City Council meeting Tuesday evening to complete a long weekday, a Rotary Club meeting where he was recognized for his civic award two days prior, and finally, Friday night to watch his alma mater St. John High play a state playoff game.

The week and weekend prior Rivet attended the dedication ceremonies for the new Veterans Memorial in Plaquemine and a special auction held for the Iberville Parish Museum.

“This is a busy time of the year. Even with the council work I don’t spend that many hours in public service, or at least I don’t notice. I enjoy people and I enjoy staying busy and doing things to help the community,” noted Rivet.

Along with the Kiwanis Club award, Rivet received a Certification of Recognition from the City of Plaquemine last week, commending him for his citizenship honor.

As early as Thursday morning, Rivet had his two new honor plaques up on the walk of his office alongside his many other photos and mementos of over sixty years of being an active individual in the public eye.

Back in 2003 he was named a Distinguished Graduate of St. John High School. Even that award had a previous partner on the walks of his office. He was named to one of the first Monsignor Robin Memorial Athletic Hall of Fame back a number of years ago. Rivet was one of the original founders of the school’s hall of fame, along with Tony Fama and Sam Gerace, Sr.

“I served on the hall nomination committee every year since we began the honor back in the early eighties. But that is with one exception. The year someone nominated me for the hall I dropped off the committee and didn’t come back until I had my induction into the hall,” said Rivet.

The Citizen of the Year also has served as the Grand Marshal of the International Acadian Festival Parade and has been the Evangeline Coordinator for the KCs for 17 years. He has a portrait of every Evangeline who has served as the “queen” of the Acadian Festival since he began as coordinator. They once hung in his office and now they hang in a special “Evangeline Room” at PWA Credit.

A huge sports fan, Mickey has held the duties as the first president of the Iberville Parish Recreation District (IPRD) as well as the “Get Back Coach” for St. John’s football team. Former SJHS football coach Erik Willis once gave him a plaque as an “All-State Get Back Coach for 2006” which cracks him up because all-state honors are not given out for sidelines helpers.

“That doggone Erik just wanted to mess with me while he honored me for helping him. I was always the first one he would yell at on the sidelines if anything went wrong in a game. I would catch it and so would Brad Daigle. And there we were out there helping him. Still, you know, I couldn’t do it any longer after he left. I retired,” chuckled Rivet, who also has volunteered time to work at the ticket gate for St. John basketball games off and on down through the years.

The longtime sports fan has sponsored summer ball teams for many years as well. He had a handful of girl and women’s softball summer teams he sponsored under his nickname “Rico’s”. In recent years he has backed youth baseball summer teams for the IPRD under the same name.

Mickey does have to go to work. He has been the Office Manager of PWA Credit for 19 years now. He got into the finance business a number of years ago. Prior to that he worked in parish commodities for the late Carl F. Grant, as a surveyor for the U.S. Soil and Conservation Service, and as a sportswriter for the POST SOUTH. He also did some oil field work at one time.

It is extremely hard to slow down Mickey Rivet. In recent months, however, he had to take a little time for himself and his health. He conquered prostate cancer after having to undergo treatment for several recent months.

“I feel great and everything is cleared up. I am ready for a good holiday season, and, hopefully, the (SJHS) Eagles can win their game tomorrow night and go further in the state playoffs!” exclaimed Rivet last Thursday.