Tow truck driver charged in theft of diamond ring

Deidre Cruse

A Grosse Tete man working for a wrecker service was charged in the theft of a $48,000 diamond ring after providing a tow to a jewelry dealer involved in a wreck last Thursday on I-10, Chief Criminal Deputy Stephen Engolio said.

Jeffery A. Hall, 49, was arrested Monday on a count of felony theft, Engolio said.

When Hall towed the dealer’s car, he offered to secure it and its contents, the chief deputy said.

He said the jewelry dealer discovered the ring was missing Monday morning.

“Had it been another ring, it might have been quite a while before he missed it,” Engolio said. “It was a diamond ring retailing for $48,000.”

Engolio said Hall was cooperative in the investigation and that the ring was located, and secure, at a Baton Rouge jewelry shop.