Freshwater pumps are running – finally

Deidre Cruse

At long last, the pumps pulling freshwater from the Mississippi River into Bayou Plaquemine are up and running on a trial schedule without problems, Mayor Mark A. “Tony” Gulotta reports.

The long awaited U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project was completed a year and a half ago, but the pumps did not work and had to be replaced.

Gulotta said although the city has not taken over the project from the Corps officially, city crews are running the pumps six hours a day, five days a week.

“We are running them mostly to make sure they’re running,” the mayor said. “...It’s been close to four weeks now, and we really haven’t had any problems.”

He said city officials still have to work out an agreement with the Corps over maintenance of the pumps, which have to be pulled once a year for oil changes.