Cancienne to hold meetings to devise new ‘100 Day Plan’

Deidre Cruse

School Superintendent P. Edward Cancienne Jr. said he plans to hold a series of roundtable meetings with community members and Parent-Teacher representatives around the parish in January.

Cancienne said he wants to report to the public on the school district’s progress and to gather information to help him devise a new 100-Day Plan for further improvements.

Also, because of complaints about disciplinary problems, school officials will conduct a series of interviews at each school with administrators, teachers and staff representatives and parent representatives “to gain more insight into internal operations of our schools and our district level organization.”

In addition to discipline, the interviews will cover transportation, district/school programs, curriculum and instruction, special education, needs for greater instruction, district communication and district level support.

Information from the interviews will be used for the new 100 Day Plan, as well as for an update of the system’s master plan, which will be revised in July.

The interviews will begin in January.

Cancienne has not yet announced a scheduled for the community roundtable meetings.