Car hits hydrant

Deidre Cruse

Four to five hundred City Light & Water Customers lost their water service for about six hours Monday after a car hit a fire hydrant on Eden Street, Mayor Mark A. “Tony” Gulotta said.

“Water was gushing everywhere,” the mayor said.

Gulotta said it took a six-man crew time to isolate the problem and close of the affected lines. Customers on Eden and Church streets, plus part of Railroad Avenue, were affected.

“It took us a while to cut it off without cutting half the city,” he said. “It takes a while to isolate a problem like that.”

The work was further complicated because the crew had to work around fiber optic cables in the area.

“You had to be very, very delicate with what you were doing,” the mayor said.

Gulotta said he did not know if police had charged the driver who hit the hydrant, but said the city would seek reimbursement for the damages from the driver’s insurance company.

“We are going to bill the insurance company, I know that much,” he said. Gulotta said it was a policy of the city to seek reparations “if they damage it and we find out who they are.”