Sales taxes go up by one-third cent on New Years Day

Deidre Cruse

As of New Years Day, Iberville Parish sales taxes will go up by one-third cent, putting the parish at the maximum nine cents on the dollar allowed without special legislative action.

The new tax is the final increment in a one-cent sales tax voters approved in 2006 for the Iberville Parish Council and the six municipal governments. It has been phased in at one third of a cent a year since 2007.

Most of the local governments have pledged the proceeds of the tax to public works projects.

As of January 1, the sales tax levy – except in St. Gabriel – includes three percent for the Iberville Parish Council and the municipalities, and two percent for the Iberville Parish School Board, according to Iberville Chief Administrative Officer Edward A. “Lucky” Songy.

St. Gabriel will continue to levy its own one-third cent tax within its corporate borders. The parish and municipal tax will remain at two and two-thirds cents there, to keep the total under nine percent. The School Board will levy two percent in St. Gabriel, the same as in the rest of the parish.

“Taxpayers will be provided 2009 sales and use tax reports to submit their sales taxes prior to the end of the current year,” Songy said in a letter to taxpayers. “Taxpayers who file their sales tax returns electronically will be provided one copy of the 2009 sales tax report for viewing purposes only.”

Songy said it is essential that all cash registers be programmed to calculate the new tax rates by New Year’s Day.