Census Bureau recruiting workers for 2010 count

Dee Cruise

As part of a massive recruiting effort, the Census Bureau has launched a jobs’ line and has opened its first local office in Baton Rouge.

This office will oversee early operations for a seven-parish area, including Iberville and West Baton Rouge, and needs hundreds of workers to ensure an accurate count for the upcoming 2010 census.

People interested in applying for the federal jobs paying from $8 to $19.25 an hour can call the bureau’s jobs line at (866) 861- 2010, to schedule a basic aptitude employment test in their area.

The Baton Rouge office will recruit workers for office support staff, to update address lists, conduct interviews with community residents, and help with the recruitment.

Workers will be paid based on their positions and location and will have flexible hours, paid training, and a chance to work in their own community.

The grand opening of the Baton Rouge office on Monday marked the beginning of the largest peacetime operation in the nation’s history.

Census data collected for the 2010 census will be used for allocating more than $300 billion annually in federal funds to communities and will decide each state’s representation in Congress.

“It is important that community members step up and take an active role in this vital count,” said Gabriel Sanchez, Dallas Regional Director. “An accurate count affects almost every decision in your community, from building new schools and hospitals, to improving roads.”

The Census Bureau’s Dallas Region will need to employ about 75,000 workers at peak operations in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Further information about the 2010 Census is available at