Krewe of Cypress celebrates its 30th Carnival Ball

Staff reports
King and Queen Cypress 30th, Megan Richard and William Nadler

The Carl F. Grant Civic Center in Plaquemine as the setting for a visit to a lush garden known as Cypress Gardens for the 30th Krewe of Cypress Carnival Ball Saturday, February 7, 2009.  King Cypress 30th, the Plantation Owner, William “Bill” Nadler and Queen Cypress 30th, the Louisiana Iris, Megan Elizabeth Richard, daughter of Cliff and Sandy Richard, reigned over the night’s festivities.

The king and queen arrived in a replica of an antique cypress boat powered by a Nadler 8hp engine, manufactured 75 years ago by the king’s family machine shop.

King Cypress’ costume was a gold brocade tunic and pants. The tunic had a purple velvet panel insert on the front, which was decorated with fleur de lis. The wide purple velvet belt has a purple velvet panel hanging on the right side. Both pieces are heavily jeweled in gold, green and panels of gold brocade. The train was jeweled with fleur de lis, gold appliqués, gold, green, and purple stones, crystals, and heavy gold sequin braid edging. He wore a gold crown with colored stones and rhinestones. A sceptor with a fleur de lis completed the costume. Nadler’s attendants were Ryleigh Davis, daughter of Kim and Shane Davis, Sophia Graves, daughter of Gwen and Todd Graves and Marie Hebert, daughter of June and Thomas Hebert. Their costumes consisted of purple velvet bodice with gold brocade skirts.

Queen Cypress was attired in a semi fitted gown of gold lace overlaying purple satin with a purple velvet panel in front. The dress was adorned with appliqués, gold, green, and purple stones. The entire dress was jeweled with crystals. the train fell from her shoulders and was purple velvet with gold panels. The panel was jeweled with appliqués, green, gold, and purple stones and crystals. Heavy gold sequin braid edged the train. Purple irises were the focal point. The medici was gold lace overlaying purple satin. It featured purple and lavender plumes, irises with green accent leaves. She wore a gold and crystal crown and carried a gold and crystal scepter. Richard’s attendants were McKenzie Richard, daughter of Sandy and Cliff Richard and Shelby and Codi Willis, daughter and son of Patti and Eric Willis. Their costumes were purple velvet bodice and gold brocade.

After the introduction of King and Queen Cypress, the ball captains, gardeners, Jacob and Colleen Wilbert and Jeanee’ Burns entered the Civic Center from the lobby.

Jacob Wilbert wore black tails with a long black velvet evening cape. The cape was lined with silver liquid sequin. He wore a jeweled green liquid sequin cummerbund. The cape featured a triangular shaped panel on each front side. This was in silver with green appliqués and gold and crystal stones. Heavy silver sequin braid edged the panels and bottom of the cape. The bottom also had a green sequin braid with appliqués. He wore a special silver and rhinestone medallion, which was designed for the occasion. The cape had a v-shaped stole, front and back, which was in silver and green. The stole was jeweled with gold and crystal stones. He wore a black top hat and carried a black sequined cane.

The women, however; were attired in dresses of the same design and color. They wore emerald green strapless gowns with an asymmetrical design. The top had a rusked effect and the hemline fell from below the knee in the front to a gradual train. The bodice had green flowers, which were enhanced with silver sequins and stones. A pink camellia was worn in the hair and they wore evening length pink gloves.

The children of the krewe then entertained the krewe members. The girls represented pink azaleas and the boys represented gardeners while the little ones were bees.

The curtains on the man set opened to reveal a lush garden with greenery, elegant white columns, and a fountain. Four masked figures were standing near the columns.

Ashley Nicole Brown, daughter of Dale and Laura Brown, appeared in the small garden representing a blue hydrangea. Her gown was embroidered lace over lime green satin. The skirt had bouquets of large blue hydrangeas with green leaves. The bodice was decorated with silver appliqués and blue and turquoise plumes, hydrangeas with lime green accents. This was jeweled with blue, turquoise, and crystal stones. Her father, Dale Brown, escorted her. He wore a black tuxedo with a long black velvet cape. The cape was accented with a blue satin v shaped stole. The stole and panels were jeweled in blue, lime green and crystal stones with silver sequin braid trim. The back had a design of silver appliqués and stones. He wore a black top hat and carried a black-jeweled cane. Junior maid Lacie Barker, daughter of Walter ad Lynette barker escorted the Browns.

The next flower to be presented was the red rose. Claire Renee LeBlanc, daughter of Wilson Tommy LeBlanc and Penny Gauthreaux LeBlanc, walked into the garden wearing a gown of gold lace over red satin and yellow satin. The entire skirt was decorated with glittered red roses. Gold, red and crystal stones along with gold sequin braid complemented the costume. She wore a headpiece of red plumes with red roses and a sprinkling of green. She wore red netting, heavily jeweled gloves. Her escort was Ryan Elliott. He was attired in a black tuxedo with a long black velvet cape trimmed with red satin panels and red satin v stole. The cape was lined with red satin. The jewelling was red, gold and crystal stones with gold sequin braid. The back was trimmed in gold appliqués, and stones. A black top and black-jeweled cane completed his costume. Attending as junior maid was Ann Caroline LeBlanc, daughter of Stephen LeBlanc and Caroline D. LeBlanc.

The gentlemen of the krewe provided comic entertainment for the audience.

The hibiscus, in shades of tangerine and turquoise, made her entrance. Marcie Lynn Dupont, daughter of Ricky and Cathy Dupont, wore a turquoise lace over satin gown. The bottom of the shirt had a tangerine edging. The bodice was elaborately jeweled with appliqués and multicolored stones along with a tangerine cummerbund. Cascading hibiscus on the skirt completed the gown. She wore jeweled net gloves. Her headpiece featured tangerine plumes with hibiscus on the skirt completed the gown. She wore jeweled net gloves. Her headpiece featured tangerine plumes with hibiscus accented with turquoise. Daniel Dupont, son of Danny and Jeanie Dupont escorted her. He wore a black tuxedo with a long black care with tangerine satin panels and stole. The panels and stole were jeweled with silver appliqués, turquoise, tangerine and crystal stones and silver sequin braid. The back features a design with appliqués and stones. He wore a black top hate and carried a black-jeweled cane. Junior maid Kristen Lestage, daughter of Pam and Matthew Mechana and Chris Lestage escorted the couple.

Wearing a gown of gold lace over tangerine satin, Courtney Marie Phillips, representing the day lily made her entrance into the garden. The gown had a yellow satin panel in the front of the bodice with a yellow edging at the bottom of the skirt. The gown had gold, tangerine lilies accenting the bottom off the skirt. A touch of green was noted with the lilies. The bodice was jeweled wit appliqués and multicolored stones. She wore yellow-jeweled net gloves and a headpiece trimmed with yellow plumes, day lilies with tangerine and colored stones. Her father, Rickey Phillips, escorted her. He wore a black tuxedo with a long black velvet cape with gold panels and stole. The panels and stole were trimmed with gold appliqués with colored stones was noted on the back of the cape. He wore a black top hat and carried a blacked-jeweled cane. Emily Aucoin, daughter of Timmy and Suzanne Aucoin, was the day lily junior maid.

The junior maids were dressed in flowing dance costumes accented with the color of the maid. They wore the maid’s flower in their hair and carried flowers.

The ball was dedicated to deceased krewe member Ronnie Palermo, King Cypress 21, who was also the grandfather of this year’s queen and Joann Gaudet, past ball captain. Bert Allain was the master of ceremonies.

Following the Grand Promenade, the krewe members enjoyed dancing to the music of Louisiana.

Queen Cypress 30th Megan Richard