Local doctors’ group to purchase River West

Deidre Cruse

A group of local doctors, Westside Physicians LLC, has signed a purchase agreement to buy the River West Medical Center building and land, Dr. Luke Lee confirmed Tuesday.

The Westside group has been in negotiations for some time with HCP Corporation, the California company, that owns the land and building; and recently signed the purchase agreement, Dr. Lee said.

According to a source, the agreement was signed last week.

Shiloh Health Services Inc., which is in bankruptcy reorganization, will continue to operative the hospital, he said.

“Shiloh is a tenant, and we are conducting a real estate transaction,” Dr. Lee told the POST/SOUTH in a telephone interview. “Like any other tenant, every landlord would like to have a well-functioning tenant.”

If Shiloh becomes unable to sustain the hospital, “then we have a tenant relationship problem,” he said. However, he notedt: “Shiloh has no intention of closing the hospital. Obviously, everybody knows it is in bankruptcy, in form of reorganization. That means they have intention of reemerging from bankruptcy.”

“If tenant leaves, or becomes nonfunctional, then the landlord will find another tenant,” Lee said.

He said the doctors and the medical staff are dedicated to keeping the local hospital open, and to continue providing quality medical services.

“It’s contrary to the common perception that the good ones leave first,” he said.“The good ones are the dedicated ones, and they tend to stay. The weak ones are the unstable ones. And they tend to leave.”