Green Pipeline to be built through portion of parish


Denbury Resources sent notification a Green Pipeline linking Donaldsonville to Hastings Field, south of Houston will run through a portion of Iberville Parish.

A company spokesperson said a map of where the pipeline will be built through the parish area was not available at this time, but that status reports will be sent out to local media on a periodical basis.

The approximately 320-mile pipeline is designed to transport both natural and man-made (anthropogenic) carbon dioxide (CO2) and is scheduled for completion in late 2010. Denbury plans to use this CO2 to recover oil from mature, depleted oil reservoirs that would not otherwise be economically produced. The Green Pipeline Project is expected to create up to 800 jobs in the private sector during construction at a total capital investment of $750 million.

According to a recent U.S. Dept. of Energy study, there are between 45 and 85 billion barrels of oil in existing oilfields in the country that can be recovered utilizing CO2-EOR. In addtion, infrastructure used for CO2-EOR can be used for large scale carbon capture and sequestration projects in underlying saline formations.