Alligator calls increase in St. Gabriel area

Tryve Brackin

St. Gabriel Police Chief Kevin Ambeau Sr. reported this week that reports of alligator sightings have increased in the area since the closing of the Alligator Bayou floodgate back in May.

The eastside Iberville Parish city police department has received at least 11 telephone calls of reported alligator sightings in the Bayou Paul and other areas of the parish adjacent to the Alligator Bayou/Spanish Lake region.

Since the floodgate has been closed, lower water levels have caused alligators in the area to move in search of high, or deeper water. However, Ambeau reported no high-water flooded areas of the parish have been seen since the closing of the gate. During the period the floodgate was closed, flooding in the parish near St. Gabriel was a nuisance to land owners.

While the St. Gabriel police have received calls, the state Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries has not received an increase of calls concerning alligators beyond normal for the area.