North Iberville School supporters seek Daigle recall

RARE RECALL EFFORT...Supporters of North Iberville High School carry a banner backing the recall of School Board Member David “Worm” Daigle of Grosse Tete.

Supporters of North Iberville School are in the process of gathering signatures for a petition to recall member David “Worrm” Daigle of Grosse Tete.

Daigle voted to close the area’s only high school and bus its seventh through 12th graders to Plaquemine High this fall. Residents circulating the recall petition against Daigle needed 518 signatures – one third of the number of active voters in the district.

They had collected more than 550 by the time they met Monday night, Maringouin Mayor John F. Overton said. They plan to present the petition to Iberville Voter Registrar Melissa S. Bourgoyne by Friday.

Bourgoyne must certify the signatures and forward the petition to the Louisiana Secretary of State and the governor’s offices, according to Jacques Berry of the Secretary of State.

The petition process must be complete by July 31 for the recall election to be called this fall, Berry said; otherwise, the election would be held next spring.