Daigle recall petition expected this week

RARE RECALL EFFORT...Supporters of North Iberville High School carry a banner backing the recall of School Board Member David “Worm” Daigle of Grosse Tete.

North Iberville residents organizing a recall effort against School Board Member David “Worm” Daigle of Grosse Tete gave notice Monday morning they would file the petition this week, Registrar of Voters Melissa S. Borgoyne said.

The organizers on Monday gave the required three days’ notice, Borgoyne said.

The registrar said her office then would have 15 days to certify the signatures on the petition before forwarding it to the Louisiana Secretary of State and the Governor’s offices, which then would schedule a recall election.

The recall election potentially could go on a fall ballot.

Residents organized the recall effort after Daigle voted in April to close North Iberville High School and send seventh to 12th grade students to Plaquemine High starting this fall. The School Board passed the measure in an 8-7 vote.

Meanwhile, Maringouin Mayor John F. Overton said Northend residents have been talking with Lighthouse Charter Schools about establishing a charter school in the area.

“We’re just looking at some different options,” Overton said. “...Our main goal is to get our school back open.”

Overton and other parents have filed suit against the School Board of behalf of their school-age children in an effort to keep North Iberville High open.

A court hearing is scheduled for July 22, but Overton said he thought the plaintiffs and the board could come to a consensus beforehand.

“We want to be treated like we’re part of Iberville Parish,” the mayor said, “not like outsiders.”