Parish sales taxes dip again in August

DEIDRE CRUSE, Governmental Reporter

Iberville's parish wide sales taxes dipped by nearly $235,000 in August, more than double the slide shown in July, the latest report from the Sales Tax Department shows.

The parish collected $3.059 million last month, compared to $3.293 million in August 2008. Last month, collections were $3.65 million, down $103,700 from July 2008.

Parish Finance Director Randall Dunn had predicted lower sales tax collections as construction at the new Shintech facility south of Plaquemine tapers off.

For the year to date, however, 2009 collections are $6.6 million higher than last year's, $32.19 million, compared to $25.58 million.

Last month, the Iberville Parish Council and the parish's six municipalities shared in $1.6 million, an increase of nearly $34,500 over August 2008, from the two and two thirds cents in taxes they share. The amount included a one-third cent tax increase, the final increment of a one-cent sales tax voters approved in 2006 that was phased in over three years. The tax increase added some $200,000 to the total.

The Iberville Parish School Board, with two cents in sales taxes, received $1.24 million, a decrease of nearly $170,000 from August 2008.

The one-third cent solid waste tax that pays for residential garbage collections produced $206,942, a decrease of $28,285.

The two percent tax on hotel and motel room rentals dropped form $5,400 in August 2008 to $3,330 last month, a $2,174 decrease. The money is used for tourist promotions.

St. Gabriel, which levies a separate one-third cent tax within its corporate limits, received $46,737, down $10,700 from August 2008.

For the year to date, St. Gabriel has received $575,582, up $180,770 from last year.