St. Gabriel initiating a city-wide clean up program

Staff reports

Tuesday of next week (Dec. 1) the City of St. Gabriel began a strict enforcement of ordinances to rid the community of noxious weeds/grass, dilapidated/abandoned houses and buildings, and the lack of adherence to building codes and regulations.

The city, in partnership with parish officials, began clean-up efforts during the week of Nov. 9-13. The clean-up was authorized by the City Council and Mayor George Grace.

Next week enforcement of the policies will take place, including notification to violators. Once notified and the proper time frame provided for corrective action is taken and violations are still not corrected, the city will proceed with legal actions (due process) to levy fines and/or jail sentences for violators.

Citizens within the city limits are urged to contact the Public Works Department at 642-9600, ext. 2250, if assistance is needed to help correct violations. After next Tuesday, citizens are responsible to ensure they are not in violation of the laws.