Parish Public Works/Maintenance Facility, adjacent Jail, Animal Control Center under construction

Tryve Brackin
CONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY...Construction began in recent weeks at the Iberville Parish Public Works/Maintenance Facility/Jail/Animal Control Center. The Parish, FEMA, and bonds are paying for a new driveway for customers to the three facilities, new fuel pumps, mechanic’s shop expansion, and roof work on the jail.

Several construction projects have gotten underway in recent weeks at the Iberville Parish Public Works/Maintenance Facility as well as at the adjacent Parish Jail and Animal Control Center.

Begun last month, the various projects are being funded in threefold fashion with the Parish, FEMA, and insurance monies. Some of the work is being done as part of recovery from Hurricane Gustav, while other construction addresses improvement to the facilities, which were built between 1976 and 1977, and the need to bring them up to current standards.

The projects are to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2010 with the exception of the roof repairs to the Parish Jail, which is projected for completion in mid-January. While the roofing is being done as well as the construction of a new fence by the jail, the work on the new route for Enterprise Road will be held up. Materials for the roofing and fencing work are currently staged adjacent to the jail where the Enterprise route will be constructed.

A new customer driveway for the facilities is under construction as well. It is being built along the highway to the buildings and is separate from the road lanes and parking for Parish workers as a safety improvement as well as for the convenience of visitors to the facilities. Also, new fuel pumps for official parish vehicles as well as a fueling island area are to be installed as part of a safety improvement. A backup generator will be installed on the island as well as at all of the other facilities, including the jail and Animal Control Center. With backup generators available at all the parish facilities, recovery and emergency personnel will have access to power.

A “Safe Room” will be built in case of emergency to house workers, while all hurricane damage to the facilities will be repaired during this construction period.

In addition an expansion is underway for the Parish Barn/Maintenance facility’s mechanics shop. A new 150-foot expansion is being added to the shop for parts storage. A heavy lift for trucks and trailers also will be installed in the shop.

Hurricane damage and ensuing FEMA funding opened the door to both upgrading and repair construction on the parish facilities. Projected later is the possible building of a new Parish Jail facility, which will require additional funding.