Afternoon shoot-out on Harleaux street leads to six arrests

DEIDRE CRUSE, Governmental Reporter

The Plaquemine Police last week arrested six men in connection with a shooting incident, three of them on attempted second degree murder charges, in downtown Plaquemine last Monday (March 8) afternoon, Capt. Kenneth Payne said.

No one was injured, although several people who witnessed the incident at 3:30 p.m. at the intersection of W. W. Harleaux and Ephriam streets were endangered, Payne said.

Jharmarl Smith, 21, of Mast Drive, Baton Rouge, is accused of firing shots at a car occupied by Thomas Johnson, 22, of 24155 Harold Lane, Plaquemine, and Terrance Williams, 27, of 58460 Iron Farm Road, Plaquemine, the captain said.

Smith jumped into a car with two other men, and Johnson fired at them as they fled, Payne alleged. He said the shooters were using 9mm handguns.

He said a police detective a block away heard the shots and responded, but waited for back-up units.

First Assistant District Attorney Scott Stassi saw the vehicle that Smith got into and telephoned police with a description, Payne said.

He said police officers stopped a car matching the description nearby, but Smith jumped out and ran. They found Smith later hiding in an abandoned house on W. W. Harleaux, Payne alleged.

Smith was charged at first with illegal use of a weapon and resisting arrest, and shortly afterwards with violation of probation and on a warrant for failure to appear in court to answer to a marijuana possession charge, Iberville Parish Jail records showed.

The two men he was with – Brandon Myles, 24, of 23797 Harmason Street and Kevin White, 21, of 50757 Jetson Avenue, both of Plaquemine – were charged with principal to illegal use of a weapon and illegal use of a weapon, respectively, Payne said.

The next day, all three men were charged additionally with aggravated assault with a firearm, records showed.

A police investigation led to the arrest last Thursday of Johnson and the man he allegedly was riding with, Terrence Williams, 27, of 58460 Iron Farm Road, Plaquemine, Payne said.

“We found the vehicle with bullet holes in it and arrested them,” he said.

He said police booked them, along with Jahmarl Smith on attempted second-degree murder charges. Johnson and Williams also were charged with illegal use of a weapon and aggravated assault with a firearm, records showed.

As of Monday, only Myles had bonded out of jail, the records also showed.

Payne said police had not learned the reason for the incident.