Resources available to students for tests

Staff reports

School Superintendent P. Edward Cancienne, Jr. is calling on the community to encourage all students as they finish their state academic tests today and prepare for second phase tests on April 12-16.

“Our voice throughout the community is important,” Dr. Cancienne said. He and other administrators have been visiting each schools this week.

“As our students prepare for state testing, we are eager to support their needs, and we want to encourage families, and others who are in a position to support students, to join us as we offer them reassurance, assistance and support,” Cancienne said.

This year, the second phase of testing for LEAP, iLEAP, and GEE will be April 12-16. In addition, high school students will receive end-of-course tests May 3-21.

According to Louisiana Department of Education officials, “research shows that almost 50 percent of a student’s academic performance is influenced by his or her home and family life, so it is crucial that the education community provide families with resources to connect to their students’ academic needs. We will continue to reach out to the community, and especially families, to remind them of these resources as I know our students really need the help and encouragement of those around them.”

To assist students and parents who might need help answering some of the questions, LDOE will operate its LEAP Hotline through Tuesday, March 31. LDOE representatives will be on hand from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday to offer tutoring support to students and families. LDOE may extend the hours of the LEAP Hotline if the call volume from families indicates more support is required. The phone number for the LEAP Hotline is 1-877-453-2721.

Students in 1st through 8th grade who want to focus on their math skills can take advantage of Newton's Classroom,  an online resource offered through LDOE. The interactive program contains mathematics tutorials. Each of the lessons is designed with three levels of basic skills and concepts. Newton’s Classroom can also be accessed by logging on to or

Further assistance or more information about testing resources is available from the LDOE Help Center toll-free at 1-877-453-2721, or visit LDOE’s Web site at and click on LEAP & GEE Help Center.