Gert Dupont answers 'man across the street'

Deidre Cruse

Former Iberville clerk of court J. G. “Gert” Dupont Sr. said Monday he appreciated Parish President J. Mitchell Ourso Jr.'s prayers for him, but could not reciprocate.

Dupont opposed the repeal of term limits on the Iberville Parish Council and parish president, which Ourso, wanting another chance to run for the office, backed. On the strength of early votes, the repeal passed by a narrow 165-vote margin.

On election night, Ourso said referred to Dupont as “the man across the street” and said he prayed for Dupont every night “to have a good heart.” Dupont's real estate office is across the street from the Courthouse.

“I want to answer that man across the street, on the second floor,” Dupont said in a telephone call to the POST/SOUTH Monday.

“Are you sure he said pray? It wasn't bray like a jacka--,” Dupont asked. “Assuming he did say pray, [there are] two people who really need a lot of prayer – one is me and the other is him.”

“I surely appreciate him praying every night for me,” Dupont said. “I'm sorry I can't reciprocate because it would be blasphemy.”