Superintendent issues back to school reminders

DEIDRE CRUSE, Governmental Reporter

Iberville Parish public school students will report to school for a full day of classes on Wednesday, August 11, according to Superintendent P. Edward Cancienne Jr.

Cafeterias will serve breakfast and lunch from opening day onward.

Kindergarten and Pre-K students and their parents are scheduled at school on August 11 for a brief classroom meeting with teachers. The students will follow a staggered schedule through Wednesday, August 18 while they go through skills testing. Their first full day of class will be Monday, August 23.

Dr. Cancienne encouraged students beginning school for the first time and transfer students who have not registered to do so as soon as possible. Principals will be available at their schools during August to assist with registration, bus routes and other matters.

Before the official opening, teachers will report to their assigned schools for professional development activities.

The superintendent also reminded parents that students would wear school uniforms again this year. There have been no changes in the uniform policy.

Boys’ uniforms include dark khaki walking shorts or long pants, except at the Math, Science and Arts Academy, where the uniforms include black shorts or long pants.

Girls uniforms include dark khaki walking shorts, Capris with a normal waistline, jumpers (empire style or A-line), mid-calf to ankle length skirts, long pants or “skorts,” except at the MSA, where the base garments are black.

For both boys and girls, shorts, pants or Capris with belt loops must be worn with black or brown belts. Shorts, skorts and jumpers must be no shorter than two inches above the knee. Pants and shorts must have a proper hem.

Shorts, skorts and Capris are not allowed at the Optional Education Center.

Tops for boys and girls include knit pullover-style polo shirts with collars, as well as jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts, in school colors – dark green for North Iberville Elementary School and ninth to 12th grades at Plaquemine High; gold for seventh and eighth graders at Plaquemine High; red at East Iberville Elementary and High and at Crescent Elementary and Junior High; maroon at Dorseyville Elementary and Iberville Elementary; navy blue at the Optional Education Center, and purple at the MSA. Letter jackets or club-sponsored jackets or sweaters are allowed.

All shirts must be worn tucked in.

Socks are to be white, khaki or the color of the school's uniform top, or at the MSA, white, black or purple.

Store that carry some or all uniform items include Don's Sportsman, Wal-Mart, Stage, Dollar General Store, Pearl's Fashions, Citi Trends and Young Fashions. Uniforms hand made from patterns available at most fabric stores are permitted.

Parents of new or transfer students will have two weeks from the date of enrollment to obtain the required uniforms.

After a first offense of violating the uniform policy, the school will call a parents or guardian and allow them to take the missing item(s) to school or to take the child home to dress in the proper uniform.

After a second offense, a student is assigned to in-school suspension, if it is available. Students with third, fourth or fifth violations will be assigned to detention. Six or more violations result in assignment to Saturday school or suspension.

Repeated violations of the policy can result in referral to the courts for violations of compulsory school attendance laws.

The state Department of Education requires all students entering school for the first time to present an official Social Security card or other verification of a Social Security number. Application forms will be available at each school office for students who do not have Social Security numbers.

Parents also must present evidence of immunization.

Children under four years of age entering Pre-K, daycare or Head Start must have three or four doses of diphtheria tetanus accellular pertussis vaccine (DtaP), two or three doses of inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV), three doses of haemophilus influenza Type B vaccine (Hib), three doses of hepatitis B vaccine (HBV), three doses of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV7 for children under 24 months of age), a dose of varicella vaccine and one or two doses of measles mumps rubella vaccine (MMR).

Children four years and older entering kindergarten Pre-K, daycare or Head Start must have two doses of varicella vaccine (a new requirement), two doses of measles, mumps, rubella vaccine (MMR), three doses of hepatitis B vaccine (HBV), a booster dose of diphtheria tetanus accellular pertussis vaccine (DtaP) administered on or after the fourth birthday, a booster dose of poliovirus vaccine on or after the fourth birthday.

Children ages 11 or older entering sixth grade or higher must have a meningococcal vaccine (MCV4), a new requirement; three doses of hepatitis B vaccine (HBV); two doses of measles, mumps, rubella vaccine (MMR); two doses of varicella vaccine, and a dose of tetanus diphtheria accellular pertussis vaccine (TdaP).