Healthy habits stressed at North Iber. Elementary

Deidre Cruse, Governmental Reporter
HEALTH INITIATIVE...North Iberville Elementary School Cafeteria Manager Dinah Meyers gives Pre-K students a lesson in baking healthier cookies. Students on the far side of the table are, from left, Kyleigh Cady, Daijah Betz and K'dasia Marshall. The school's Physical Education Department has teamed up with the cafeteria staff and the 4-H Club to encourage students to eat better and exercise more.

Physical Education coaches Scott Allen and Patricia Day are taking the lead in teaching North Iberville Elementary School students how to live healthier lives.

Their healthy school program that includes exercise, promoting healthy eating habits and encouraging parental involvement. 

In one part of the program, they teamed up with the cafeteria staff for a “healthy cookie, baking class." Students learned the difference between whole-wheat cookies versus sugar cookies and they actually made and baked their own cookies. The school sent recipes home to parents to bake with their children and reinforce the day's activities.

The school worked with the LSU Agriculture Department and Layne Langley to teach students how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Through this program, the school received 200 pedometers that allow students to track the numbers of steps they take in one day. Information sheets are sent home notifying the parents of their step totals and how to reinforce the healthy activity.

Both the Iberville and the Pointe Coupee 4-H offices have worked to create a “Bear Garden,” both for lessons in responsibility and lessons which cross the curriculum to include learning in math, science and reading. The garden also reinforces healthy choices for eating.

"The PE department is excited about the new year and we hope the students will become well-rounded young people because of these new experiences," says Dawn Washington, North Iberville administrator.