Deidre Cruse, Governmental Reporter

POST SOUTH has begun a weekly feature this week and into 2011 with snapshots local amateur photographers take and submit for publication.

Photos should be sent via email to or dropped off at the newspaper office. A brief description of event as well as identifications of those in the photo(s) is necessary.

Photos must be emailed in jpg format. Information can be sent as attachment to the email in simple text form.

Photos can be of you and your family’s attendance at local events (example: upcoming Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, Memorial  Day,  birthday parties, museum events, Thanksgiving, Christmas).

Also, if you capture a news event in the parish or city such as a wreck, fire, etc. those will be considered top priority for publication.

POST SOUTH will be limited as far as publication of photos, but hopes are to have a regular photo column each week with local citizens’ pictures.