Former W.C. mayor convicted on federal charges; police chief cleared

Staff reports

Sentencing will take place within the next 90 days for former White Castle Mayor Maurice "Big Mo" Brown, who was convicted Thursday on 11 of 13 counts in a federal probe against several public officials in the area.

His brother, White Castle Police Chief Maurice Brown, was cleared on all charges.

The former White Castle mayor – who served in that seat from 1993 until Jan. 1 of this year – was convicted of accepting kickbacks to help promote a bogus garbage can cleaning product called Cifer 5000.

Maurice and Mario Brown were accused of taking cash and sporting event tickets as bribes.

The White Castle mayor was convicted on counts that included violation of RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

Jurors returned the verdict after 20 hours in deliberation.

Mario Brown was re-elected to his second term as police chief last fall.