Plaq. man gets 25-year sentence on incest charge

Staff reports

District Judge Alvin Batiste Jr. on Monday sentenced Andre Morgan, 50, Plaquemine, to 25 years in prison after Morgan pleaded guilty to aggravated incest, District Attorney Richard J. “Ricky” Ward Jr. reported.

Morgan, of 57770 Eli Craig, was arrested in April 2009 on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, oral sexual battery and aggravated incest in connection with up to seven incidents between January and March of that year, Chief Criminal Deputy Stephen Engolio said at the time.

Morgan was one of eight defendants who entered guilty pleas Monday that Judge Batiste sentenced to serve time with the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

He sentenced Catlain Hall, 24, of 56805 Lydia Lane, White Castle, to serve five years after Hall pleaded guilty to principle to manslaughter.

Roger Brigalia, 32, of 24455 Teche Street, Plaquemine, also was sentenced to a five-year prison term after he pleaded guilty as a convicted felon in possession of a firearm or carrying a concealed weapon.

Judge Batiste sentenced three others to three-year prison terms. They were listed as:

– Christopher Stewart, 29, of 23905 Punchie Wilson Street, Plaquemine, for attempted second-degree murder.

– Kenneth Simmons, 40, of New Orleans, for possession of cocaine.

– David Bradley, 31, of Prairieville, for illegal possession of stolen things.

Batiste sentenced Matthew Collor, 49, of 18005 Willow Street, Plaquemine, to two years in prison for distribution of cocaine, and ordered a one-year sentence for Alfred Watts, 26, of Plaquemine, for illegal possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Judge Batiste sentenced five others to serve three years of probation. They were listed as:

– Caliph Hills, 38, of 22925 Guy Street, Plaquemine, for possession of MDMA (the drug “ecstasy”).

– Tiffany Varnel, 43, of 55830 Medine Road, White Castle, for possession of cocaine.

– Tyrone Van Johnson, 22, of Pensacola, Florida, for possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

– Eric Boudreaux, 20, of 32070 La. 75, Plaquemine, for possession of cocaine.

– Veronica Williams, 23, of 57890 Badeaux Street, Plaquemine, for possession of a Schedule II drug.

The addresses listed here were those the defendants gave at the time of their arrests.