Rotary presents annual Municipal Awards to top community servants

Tryve Brackin
The Plaquemine Rotary Club presented citizenship awards to April Hedges, Jeremy Balcuns, Kellie Miller, Darren Ramirez, Barry Riley, and Dennis Hebert. Missing from the photo and not attending the event were the three Iberville Parish Teacher award recipients Lacey Bueche, Leslie Hebert, and Jane Green.

Rotary Club held its annual Municipal Awards for top community servants in the Iberville Parish and St. John school systems, Plaquemine Police station, the Parish Sheriff’s Dept., and the Plaquemine Fire Department.

The awards were presented during a noon banquet/luncheon held last Thursday at Randolph Hall at Nottoway Resort Plantation in White Castle.

Here are the award recipients:

SERGEANT BARRY RILEY was selected to represent the Plaquemine Police Dept. for this year’s top police officer honors. The veteran of military reserve duty twice in Iraq has been a key to the local police department as both a practicing officer and a department organizer. Sgt. John Little introduced him.

DETECTIVE JEREMY BALCUNS has been a key investigator for the Sheriff’s Department’s drug enforcement and other in-the-field activities throughout Iberville Parish. He was introduced by Sheriff’s Dept. Chief of Operations Aubrey St. Angelo.

ASST. FIRE CHIEF DARREN RAMIREZ has been the backbone of the Plaquemine Fire Dept. since joining the municipal organization. He grew up at the fire stations in the city as his father was the former chief for many years. Fire Chief Mackie Guillot introduced him.

VOLUNTEER FIREMAN DENNIS HEBERT has served the community of Plaquemine on a volunteer basis, devoting his free time to assisting the fulltime fire department employees in keep the community safe. He was introduced by Chief Guilot as well.

ST. JOHN TEACHER KELLIE MILLER was recognized for her enormous multi-tasking organizational and teaching duties for the St. John Interparochial Middle and Elementary Schools. She was introduced by School Administrator David Dean.

ST. JOHNTEACHER APRIL HEDGES was recognized for her outstanding achievement of teaching and organizing programs for the SJ High School. Administrator David Dean introduced her as well.


A trio of Teachers of the Year from the parish school system were chosen for the Rotary awards. School Superintendent P. Edward Cancienne attended the event as said the teachers were unable to attend the event, but they were the very example of outstanding educators in the parish system.

Notching the Rotary Awards were:

LACEY BUECHE…Elementary School Teacher of the Year from North Iberville School.

LESLIE HEBERT…Middle School Teacher of the Year from the Math, Science, and Arts Academy West.

JANE GREEN…High School Teacher of the Year from White Castle High School.

POST SOUTH already has special “Question and Answers” directed to the parish teacher of the year honorees coming over the next few issues, followed, hopefully, by Q&A answers from the other municipal award recipients.