Recreational improvements are part of Plaquemine road improvement program -

Staff reports

Many Plaquemine residents will be pleased to know that some key recreational improvements were made a part of the Plaquemine road improvement project. A new access and parking area is being added at Plaquemine City Park; a smooth, nice walking trail at COPAC is being laid around the football field; and the lanes for the annual Cub Scout soapbox races have been improved.

The access drive and 37 new parking spaces at Plaquemine City Park will also allow those using the park to access it from Belleview Drive or Sherburne Street. Mayor Mark “Tony” Gulotta said the parking area would be completed prior to the public opening of the popular water spay park on Saturday, May 28. Prior to the opening the park will be open for school field trips.

The COPAC walking trail has been completed. And Cub Scouts have already enjoyed the smooth new racing lanes, with the races held the weekend of April 15-17.

Mayor Gulotta and City Selectmen are sending letters to elementary schools in the area to encourage them to plan field trips at City Park’s Water Spray Park in May. Once open for the summer, the park will be closed on Mondays only.