Sewer repairs paying off for Plaquemine

Deidre Cruse

Repairs of the Plaquemine sewer system ahead of street work has reduced infiltration into the system, and is saving money at the city's sewage treatment facilities, Mayor Mark A. “Tony” Gulotta reported last week.

Before the repairs, with the Mississippi River and the water table high, the city would have been treating at least 1.2 million to 1.3 million gallons of wastewater day because of problems with water infiltrating sewer lines, the mayor said.

When he made the report last Tuesday (May 10), the city had treated between 860,000 and 880,000 gallons of wastewater.

“We thought that was substantial,” the mayor said.

Contractors made nearly 400 planned and unplanned repairs to the sewer system before street overlay work began, Gulotta said; they took care of all but the most minor sewer problems in the sewer lines.

Additionally, the repair contract came in about some $80,000 under the planned $900,000 budget, he said.