Making the grade about to get harder

Deidre Cruse

A state-mandated grading system will make will raise the stakes on grades a little more for Iberville Parish School students.

The new uniform grading system is one of two changes in the 2011-12 Pupil Progression Plan that is available for review at the School Board's Central Office.

As of last year, the grading scale for students in grades 7-12 was 90-100 percent for an “A,” 80-89 for a “B,” 70-79 for a “C,” 60-69 for a “D” and 0-59 for an “F.”

The state has mandated a change that would make 93-100 percent required for an “A,” 85-92 for a “B,” 75-84 for a “C,” 67-74 for a “D” and 0-66 for an “F.”

The new plan also provides that kindergarten students cannot be retained for more than one time for failure to meet academic requirements. It is the same policy that applies to students in grades one through seven.