READER CALLOUT: Can you identify this group?

Staff reports
Can you identify the people in this photo?

MYSTERY PHOTO…Everyone loves a mystery and likes to see one solved. In this case, Fry Hymel presented us one and we are seeking an answer from our community of readers.

Hymel discovered this photo in a deceased relative’s home. He said it could have been taken in either White Castle or Plaquemine.

It looks very much like a First Communion group with a cross section of children from the parish brought together for the Communion Mass.

Fry does not recognize any of the children as relatives, nor does he recognize the priest.

“I really am interested about who these people are. No one I have shown the photograph to has recognized anyone in the picture, much less the building in the background. It is a real mystery to me how this involves my relatives,” noted Hymel.

If you have any idea what group this is and any information about the who, what, when, and where, call Tryve Brackin at the POST SOUTH at 225-687-3288 or Fry Hymel at 225-776-1864.