Staff reports
Parking problem on Labauve Avenue

The Issue

A Labauve Avenue resident of Plaquemine complains that cars are parking on city sidewalks:

“It is my understanding that it is against the law. I, like many others, enjoy walking in our neighborhoods and beyond. Quite often, however, we encounter cars parked on busy sidewalks, sometimes making it necessary to walk in the street, even on busy streets like Labauve and Marshall...I am sure the city spends a great deal of money maintaining and repairing our sidewalks. I would like to see the sidewalks used for the purpose that they are intended – walking, not parking. It would make our city a safer and better place to live.”

What's Happened

The resident cited continuing problems with a set of apartments set just feet away back the sidewalks on Labauve Avenue where residents park cars, trucks and vans, making it difficult for neighbors to back out of their driveways and forcing elderly walkers off the sidewalks.

“I used to call the police regularly to request that they have residents move their cars off the sidewalks. And the police usually came to do so. However, it is a never-ending battle. Anyway, it should not be up to me to see tat the law is enforced. Police pass up and down Labauve and Marshall (as well as other streets) all the time. It seems that they would have to be aware of cars parked on sidewalks.”

What's Next

Plaquemine Police Chief Orian Gulotta said he does not have a patrol unit available just to police city sidewalks, but officers do respond to complaints.

“I just don't have a unit to ride around looking. If someone calls, we will go around and issue a citation or make them move,” the chief said. “Unless someone complaints, we usually don't do it. We do write tickets for parking on the sidewalk.”

In light of the complaint, Gulotta said, “I will get them to check closer.”

He said the police write parking tickets for the offense.

According to Plaquemine City Court, the cost of a citation is now $128.