OMV still renewing licenses, tags by mail

Staff reports

Internet gossip to the contrary, the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) says it is still renewing vehicle registrations, drivers licenses and identification cards by mail for anyone eligible.

The office said in a news release it has received a flood of inquiries about the vehicle registration renewal notification program and learned of emails circulating that say in correctly that the renewal notices to citizens because of budget cuts.  

“This is absolutely false,” said OMV Commissioner Nick Gautreaux.  “OMV sends all renewal notices to eligible customers both for vehicle registrations and for driver’s licenses and identification cards.  The only reason someone would not be sent their renewal invitation is if OMV cannot validate their correct address.”

Driver’s license and ID renewals are mailed out 100 days before the expiration date, while vehicle registration renewals are mailed out 60 days prior to the expiration date.  Customers who receive the invitations can renew by mail or on the internet ( without ever having to visit an OMV office.

“It would hurt us more than help us to lose the renewal invitation program,” Gautreaux added. “This program saves the customer from having to leave work or home and drive to their local OMV office and it helps OMV by reducing wait times in those offices.  However, we are still happy to process renewals for anyone who prefers to go to their local field office.”

Colonel Mike Edmonson, Deputy Secretary – Department of Public Safety said he has directed Commissioner Gautreaux “to continue to explore ways to provide vital services to our customers through the Internet without compromising our security protocols.”