IPRD board rolls property taxes up to full three mills

Deidre Cruse

The Iberville Parks and Recreation District (IPRD) Board of Directors last week voted to roll its property tax millage to the full voter-approved level of three mills, Executive Director Mike Markins said.

The board rolled the millage up from 2.67 mills, the level of the past three years, to gain an additional $244,685 in taxes, Markins said. The full three-mill tax is expected to produce $1.2 million.

Markins said earlier IPRD has been maintain its recreation programs, but needed the increase to maintain and improve park facilities around the parish.

The Iberville Parish Council last year refused IPRD's request to roll the millage up to the full three mils. Since then, the Louisiana Attorney General ruled the IPRD board could make the decision, since IPRD was created by a state statute as an independent agency.