Christmas parade, festival today in Plaquemine

Staff reports
Wooden boats will be on display Saturday at the Plaquemine Lock State Historic Site as part of the Christmas Festival.

WHAT IS GOING ON: Today (Dec. 3)

Plaquemine's Main Street Program and “We Are the Difference” organization will be holding a Christmas Festival and Parade. And then Tuesday, Dec. 6, the “We Are the Difference” organization is holding a Christmas play at Carl F. Grant Civic Center.

WHERE TO GO:The Festival/Parade event will be held at the Bayou Plaquemine Waterfront Park. Visitors are welcome to come by the Plaquemine Lock Site after the event and listen to old Christmas albums in the Lockhouse. The Christmas play will be at the Civic Center.

TIME TABLE: The festival and parade will be held from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Saturday, while the Christmas Play begins at 6 p.m. at the Civic Center Tuesday, Dec. 6.

FESTIVAL EVENTS: Children will march or ride wagons in a non-motorized parade that will start at the Plaquemine North Side Fire Station (23090 Jacob Street) and will proceed down Short Street behind the Best Western Hotel and end at the park.

Festival activities include a space walk, face painting, children’s games, an old fashion cakewalk, photos with Santa Claus, and special performances and music. Hot dogs, drinks, and sweets will be sold throughout the day. Craft venders and artists are invited to display and sell their unique wares. Vendors are not allowed to set up outside the park and must contact “We Are the Difference” group.

 FESTIVAL DETAILS: There will be no admission for the event or the parade. Plaquemine Lock State Historic Site, the Iberville Museum, and the Plaquemine Depot Market will be open for the event. Further information is available from Plaquemine Main Street Manager Kristine Hebert at 225-687-3116 or Rhonda Harrell with We Are the Difference, Inc. at their website:

PLAY DETAILS:The Christmas Play at the Civic Center Dec. 6 has been adapted by Nancy Marshall. Tickets are available at Addie’s Gift Boutique prior to the play event.

PRE-EVENT: Shown in photo at LEFT…Larry Prejean of the Old Engine Boat Club shows his bateau with a restored putt-putt motor to youngsters during the Art in the City Program event held recently. The kids have been at the Plaquemine Lock Site every Saturday morning for the last several weeks to practice for an upcoming Christmas Play set for Dec. 6 at the Civic Center.