TUESDAY'S WEATHER ... Suitable for staying indoors

Staff reports

The warm weather is gone, but the rain isn't  -- and it's going to make for a gloomy day.

Occasional rain showers and mostly cloudy skies will prevail for the next day or two in Iberville Parish. Today's high was reached with an overnight low of 54 just after midnight.

The temepratures as of 10 a.m. Tuesday have dropped to the mid 40s, and it may only trickle a couple degrees higher.

A 50 percent chance of rain is in the forecast today, decreasing to a 20 percent probability tonight.

Overnight lows will drop into the upper 30s as clouds start to move out the area.

High temperatures Wendesday will reach the low to mid 50s, with overnight lows in the mid 30s, possibly below freezing on the northern end of Iberville Parish.

Expect temperatures to remain unseasonably cool the next few days, with daytime highs barely exceeding 60 degrees. Overnight lows will remain in the 30s into the weekend. 

No rain is expected through the weekend.