Girl charged with burning WC man

Staff reports

A 17-year-old White Castle girl was arrested Saturday and charged with throwing boiling water into the face of a 23-year-old White Castle Man on Capt. T. T. Harris Street, Plaquemine Police Captain Kenneth Payne reported.

The suspect, Bre'nesha Carter, 17, of 32445 Maggio Street, White Castle, was charged with aggravated second degree battery in the December 8 incident, Payne said.

“The suspect observed him sitting in his car talking to another female,” the captain alleged. “This upset the girl. She got a pot of boiling water off the stove, walked out to the passenger side of the car, instructed the girl standing in the doorway to move, and leaned inside and threw the water on his face and chest.”

The victim suffered first and second degree burns on his face, chest and stomach, and was treated and released at Prevost Memorial Hospital in Donaldsonville, he said.

“The doctor who treated him didn't know if it was water or if it had some type of chemical in it as well,” Payne said.

After the victim was treated, he filed a report of the incident at Plaquemine Police headquarters.

Carter, arrested Saturday at a relative's house on Eli Craig Street in Plaquemine, was booked into the Iberville Parish Jail, Payne said. Bond information was not immediately available.