ONLY ON LINE: Spears sought for LSU Women's Program

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Plaquemine Post South

The LSU History Department is looking for

Louisiana women with a story to tell. As part of a grant from the Ford

Foundation, LSU History Associate Professor Alecia Long and her 2012

history students are gathering oral histories for their project,

"Listening to Louisiana Women: Sexuality, Reproduction and Social


            The purpose of the project is to collect oral history

interviews with adult women who are from or who have lived in Louisiana

for a significant period of time. The project is intended to achieve

three principal goals:

1.      To create an oral history archive that focuses on and honors the

diverse experiences of women who are from or who have lived a

significant portion of their lives in Louisiana.

2.     To conduct interviews that give subjects the opportunity to speak

about and/or reflect on the links among sexuality, reproduction and

social equality in their own lives.

3.     To assess the experiences and opinions of Louisiana women about

the provision of reproductive health care and services in the state. If

interviewees consent, relevant responses to these specific questions

will be shared with the project's service-learning partner, Planned

Parenthood Gulf Coast.

                In addition to Long and her students, the other project

partners include Julie Mickelberry, public affairs director for Planned

Parenthood Gulf Coast, and Jennifer Abraham Cramer, director of the T.

Harry Williams Center for Oral History with LSU Libraries.

Interviewers, most of whom are LSU students, will ask women to tell the

story of their lives. These life history interviews have the potential

to give historians insight into the various ways women in Louisiana have

shaped the state's culture and transformed their lives and society in

the process. Women who participate will also have the option to donate

their interviews to one of the nation's oldest and most respected oral

history archives, LSU Libraries Special Collections Williams Center for

Oral History.

            Interview subjects will receive a full transcript of their

interview and will also be principal participants in the creation and

enrichment of the historical record related to the lives and experiences

of Louisiana women.

            Participation in the project and any and all responses are

voluntary and interview subjects may choose not to answer or later to

edit, restrict or withdraw any responses about which they feel concern.

            To receive further information or to participate in this

oral history project, please contact Long by email at or write to Alecia P. Long,

associate professor, LSU Department of History, 223B Himes Hall, Baton

Rouge, LA  70803.

            For more information, contact Long at 225-578-4458 or