Parish demographics profiled in new census 'QuickFacts'

Deidre Cruse, Governmental Reporter

More Iberville Parish residents own their own homes than do Louisiana residents as a whole, but local homes have a median value of $88,700, $41,300 lower than those statewide.

The information comes from a new U. S. Census “QuickFacts” report that indicates a stable population in Iberville Parish. It provides detail from the 2010 Census, as well as information collected from 2006-2010.

More than 85 percent of local residents lived in the same place – one of 11,118 households -- for a year or more. There were 12,707 housing units, only 6.4 percent of them in multi-unit structures, compared to nearly 18 percent statewide. The average household consists of 2.62 people.

Only 34 building permits were issued in Iberville Parish in 2010, the report showed. Statewide 11,343 permits were issued.

The parish had a homeownership rate of nearly 76 percent, compared to 68 percent statewide, but individual and median household income were lower here.

Per capita yearly income was $19,379, an amount $3,715 less than for an average Louisiana resident. An Iberville resident spent an average of $8,337 in retail sales, compared to $12,921 for the average state resident.  Median household income here was $42,215, which was $1,230 lower than the state's.

However, Iberville residents were slightly less likely to have incomes below the poverty level -- 17.7 percent of local residents here, compared to 18.1 percent statewide.

The parish's population of 33,387, up only 0.2 percent between 2000 and 2010, comprises 48.8 percent white residents, 49.3 percent blacks, two percent persons of Hispanic or Latino origin, 0.8 percent of persons reporting two or more races, 0.3 percent Asian persons and 0.2 percent American Indians.

Iberville had a total of 2.140 military veterans, while the state had 318,533.

Only 1.1 percent of Iberville residents were foreign born, compared to 3.8 percent of the Louisiana population, and only 4.3 percent of the population over age five or older speaks a language other than English at home, compared to 8.7 percent statewide.

Also, 49 percent of the local population is female, compared to 51 percent statewide. Only 6.2 percent is under five years of age, compared to 6.9 percent statewide; 22.5 percent is under age 18, compared to 24.7 percent statewide, and 12 percent is 65 or older, compared to 12.3 percent statewide.

The report showed Iberville Parish residents to be less educated than Louisiana residents statewide.?