Letter recommending water service line insurance was not sent by City

Staff reports

Plaquemine homeowners may have recently received a letter regarding their water service line for water going into their homes. This letter has confused a number of homeowners, and was NOT sent by the City of Plaquemine.

The letter offers insurance coverage for repairs of water lines from the city service to the homeowner’s house. While the letter is correct in stating that the homeowner is responsible for the water line from the city service connection to the home, the City of Plaquemine does not require homeowners to have this insurance.

“The city has received a number of calls about this letter,” Gulotta said. “We did not send it, and were not aware of it until residents started calling about it. This letter was sent by a private company and personally I do not think this coverage is necessary,” said Mayor Mark “Tony” Gulotta. “This is a type of insurance coverage, so it is strictly up to the homeowners.”?