Mayor Robert Myer announces grand opening of new facilities at Community Park

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

NEW ROADS – New Roads Mayor Robert Myer announced on Aug. 1 the grand opening of the city’s newest recreational facilities at Community Park, the city’s state-of-the-art recreational complex.

“We look forward to sharing our new facility with members of our community and guests,” Myer said.

He noted that the new facilities include the much anticipated splash pad area, a playground that numerous community volunteers assisted in constructing, and a skate and bike park.  These new park features represent Phase III of the Community Park’s development, which began three years ago under Myer’s administration.

“The new splash park includes several different water features such as a towering bucket that will splash water to the delight of the children, a playground which now accommodates all children, including those with disabilities, and a skate park which is available to both skateboarders and BMX bike enthusiasts,” Myer said.

The first two phases of construction of Community Park include the refurbished Cotton Seed Oil Mill, along with expanded parking and improved lighting, and the new NRG Field at Community Park, including concession stand, bleachers and berm seating.

“Community Park is now a first-class recreational complex for children and families of all ages,” Myer said, but added “our work is still not done here.” He said the final features of the park will include a walking and fitness trail, a mediation garden and beautiful landscaping, which are all scheduled to be completed before the end of summer.

“Development of this park marks the completion of part of our vision to have recreational activities within five minutes walking distance for every child in New Roads,” Myer said.  “Our latest improvements are just one more step in having recreation and fun available here so our families can stay at home rather than having to go to another city for entertainment.”

He noted that construction of Community Park has been funded through a combination of city funds, state appropriated monies and grants.  In particular, the State Legislature last year designated $260,000 toward the completion of public restrooms and the park’s walking trail.  At the same time, the city was awarded a $15,000 “Let’s Play” grant from the Dr Pepper Snapple Group and KaBoom! to build the new playground.

“This project has been a tremendous investment in the day-to-day lives of our families and our children.  Knowing that our families have a safe, local park where they can spend time with their children is priceless,” Myer said.

Myer thanked park designers such as Planet Recess Systems, Inc. and ARC (American Ramp Company), as well as all of the city council members, for working with his administration to make his vision of the park become reality.

“This project would have never come to fruition without the help and dedication of so many who volunteered and dedicated themselves to this project.  I especially want to thank our Public Works Director, Mr. Sal Rinaudo, for keeping this project on its time schedule, so our families can enjoy it,” Myer said.