Plaquemine named fourth safest city in Louisiana

Contributed Report

The City of Plaquemine was just named the fourth safest city in Louisiana by Movoto Real Estate because of its low crime rate and low number of violent crimes.

The study was compiled of cities in the state with a population of at least 7,000 residents. It is based on crime data from the 2012 FBI Uniform Crime Report, in the areas of murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, theft, and vehicle theft. The crimes were divided into categories of murders, violent crimes, property crimes, and total crimes. The crimes were then weighted each category so that murders, violent crimes, and property crimes accounted for 30 percent of the overall score, and total crimes made up 10 percent to develop the ranking list of safest cities.

Commenting on Plaquemine, Movoto noted, “The City of Plaquemine is a no-violence zone. Besides some great museums and unique architecture, this very small city of 7,122 people had the lowest violent crime on our entire list.

“With no murders or assaults, and two rapes and five robberies per 100,000 people in 2012, this place is perfect for families, retirees, and, really, everyone. The thefts here were a little higher than others in our top 10, and this place ranked 13th for property crime.

“Still, besides that small downfall, locals to Plaquemine had only a one in 212 chance of being the victim of a crime. Compared to most bigger cities in the state, that’s an amazing number,” the report concluded.

The three cities named safest above Plaquemine were Jennings, Scott and Baker, Louisiana.