Maringouin Honor 2014 LMA Community Achievement Award

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South
Councilman, Kirk Anderson, Councilman Sam Watson, L.M.A. President Mayor Vern Breland, L.M.A. District H, Vice President Mayor John F. Overton, Councilman Edward James, and Councilman Clarence Wiley.

Maringouin is one of the first municipalities in the state to incorporate new environmentally friendly technology in its sewer pond that will also lower operating cost and help the city meet stringent environmental regulations.

Bio Haven Floating Treatment Wastelands (BFTWs) have been installed in the sewer treatment pond by Martin Ecosystems to optimize the habitat for growing microbial and plant species.  The plants and microbes improve water quality and support vastly larger populations of those organisms.  The BFTWs reduce ammonia biological oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, fecal coliform, heavy metals and total suspended solids.

This conventional option to improve the town’s compliance with federal and state treatment regulations would have cost over one million dollars.  This solution would provide savings for the city with less chemicals and electricity needed for aeration of the pond.