Standing up for our Youth

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

It all started with a vision that God place on Minister Demetre Jackson's heart. A young minister that's determined to reach our youth.

Min. Jackson said, "We have to pull our children back into the church, and show them that God has a plan for their lives."

WBRZ; a local news station, interviewed Min. Jackson and Min. Jeffrey Nelson on their morning show. This allowed the two ministers to reach not only the Iberville community but all of the surrounding areas. On Saturday, July 19, 2014, Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, pastored by Rev. Clyde E. McNell Sr., hosted their “Standing up for our Youth” program; and what an evening it was! Upon entering the church we were greeted with a warm welcome by their young ushers. Then the evening started off with a powerful welcoming song by the Power Driven Choir that had everyone on their feet, clapping, and singing words of praise. Through their selections you can see the children enjoying the singing while they clap and rock to beat. There was a story read by Bro. Jared Rattler about the life of a young army soldier that lost his life by a gang he desperately wanted to be a part of. “Lord I'm split in two. Part of me loves the world and the other loves you. So what do I do” were the words Bro. Jared sang after such a touching story. That story and song just had to touch at least one teen that may be battling with the choice of the streets and the church.

There were four young girls of the Pilgrim Rest Praise Team that came out and did an excellent job to “The presence of the Lord is here” by Byron Cage. You can see these young girls were not dancing for entertainment, but dancing to give praise to their Heavenly Father! A poem entitled “I am Somebody” written by Reverend William H. Borders, Sr. was recited by Sis. Jaci Holiday. Hearing the words “I may be young, I may be small, I may make a mistake, but I am somebody!” we just knew Sis. Jaci is someone and by allowing God to use her she will be something so much greater! 

There was a choir exchange and Unique Vision; a choir of young adults, “brought another funk to the church” in the words of Min. Jackson. They had the church rocking with their many selections. The message was then delivered by young Min. Jeffrey Nelson of Mt. Zion Baptist Church #2 Inner City under the leadership of Pastor Ricardo Handy Sr. The theme: God wants to impact your SWAG (Spiritual, Wisdom, and Gifts). He spoke to the kids about being involved in the church. He also reached out to the adults about accepting and making a change in the churches. With change the young children and teens will feel more welcomed and not bored during the church services. After the service there was a school supply giveaway for the children present. What a blessing! What a time, what a time we all had in the house of the Lord. Let’s continue to stand up for our youth and pull them into theses churches. We have to show the children that it’s cool to love Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! This is only the beginning. As the bible says “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6