Iberville, Ascension authorities make cut in Alligator Bayou levee

Staff Report

Authorities in Iberville and Ascension parishes made a one-foot deep, 40-foot wide experimental cut into the levee near Alligator Bayou.

Authorities are hopeful the breach will provide flood relief to residents who live near the bayou in both parishes.  Residents that have been traveling by boat will soon be able to get into their still-flooded homes.

The slow-moving process will take some time, however.  There are currently three pumps working diligently to keep any future rainwater from worsening the situation.  The pumps move around 130,000 gallons of water per minute and the cut will allow more water to pass.

“As Bayou Manchac continues to recede, the cut may be deepened dependent on water levels and circumstances,” officials said in a press release.  Drainage authorities said the water should drain about four feet in Alligator Bayou, but it could take up to another week or two before residents can easily get into and out of their homes.