Plaquemine Mayor reappoints city officials, Martinez voted Mayor Pro Tem

Andrew Green
City reappointments Fire Chief Darren Ramirez, City Clerk/Tax Collector Shelia Migliacia and City Attorney/Prosecutor Phillip Canova were sworn in by Judge Distefano in the Jan. 10 meeting.

Plaquemine Mayor “Ed” Reeves announced his city reappointments at the Tuesday, Jan. 10 regular meeting of the Plaquemine Mayor and Board of Selectmen to begin his new term.

Reeves recommended Darren J. Ramirez as Fire Chief, Shelia H. Migliacio as City Clerk/Tax Collector and L. Phillip Canova, Jr. as City Attorney/City Prosecutor.  Each retained their positions after the following votes.  Selectman Mickey Rivet was unable to attend due to illness:

Fire Chief Darren Ramirez was elected five votes to none; Sheila Migliacio was elected City Clerk/Tax Collector three votes to two.  Selectmen Lin Rivet, Ralph Stassi and Timmy Martinez voted to approve while Selectmen Oscar Mellion and Jimmie Randle voted against.

In the approval of Phillip Canova as City Attorney, Selectmen Lin Rivet, Ralph Stassi, Timmy Martinez and Oscar Mellion voted to approve while Selectman Jimmie Randle voted against.

After the reappointments, Selectman Lin Rivet made the motion to elect Selectman Timmy Martinez as Mayor Pro Tem.  The motion was seconded by former Pro Tem Oscar Mellion.  All voted to approve, except Martinez who abstained.