Plaquemine cleans house

Staff Report @ThePostSouth

One of the first initiatives of new Plaquemine Mayor Edwin “Ed” Reeves, Jr. has been cleaning up city owned properties. City crews have cleaned out buildings, filling numerous trash bins with old equipment and parts that are no longer needed.

Last fall, city selectmen had started a push to declare old vehicles that are no longer serviceable as surplus equipment so that they could be trashed, and Mayor Reeves added fuel to that push when he came into office.

Since that time, 18 vehicles have been towed off, and another four are on the agenda for the city’s February meeting to also be declared surplus equipment. 

“The first thing I wanted to do was get our house in order,” said Reeves. “We have completed a lot of this work in January, and should have all the city facilities cleaned up and in order by the end of February.”


Reeves noted that the city will then turn its attention to private properties that are not being properly maintained. Reeves has promised to get tough on property owners who are not keeping their property clean and orderly, with strict enforcement of these city ordinances beginning March 1, 2017.

Those with overgrown yards, inoperative vehicles, junk, trash, and structures in poor condition will be notified that the properties must be cleaned up immediately, or they will face city penalties, including being fined and/or having liens placed on the property.

A brochure outlining the program and explaining city code violations was inserted into the February City Light and Water utility bills. 

“We need to get our city cleaned up and we will get our city cleaned up,” Reeves said.

Shown are photos of various city vehicles being towed away after being declared surplus property. The vehicles had been out of service for numerous years, and were stripped of any parts that might be usable for repairs on current city vehicles.

Among the items moved in the Plaquemine clean-up was the Fire Department’s 1926 American LaFrance fire truck. The department plans to eventually restore it and use it for community events. It was moved from COPAC into the Dire Department’s storage unit once the unit had been cleaned out.