St. Gabriel Mayor's Court to expand come March

Andrew Green

St. Gabriel’s Mayor’s Court will officially expand to take place every third and fourth Wednesday of every month in an effort to better control the courtroom and easily administer citations.

The resolution was proposed by St. Gabriel City Attorney Phil Canova at the most recently held Mayor’s Council meeting.

“Mayor’s court has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years,” Canova said.  “Over the last year or so we probably had anywhere from two hundred and fifty to three hundred and fifty citations per court.”

Canova also said he has had as many as 11 trials, when typically he has at least two every Mayor’s Court which is usually held just one Wednesday per month.

“It’s getting to the volume that it’s difficult for everybody to be there at one time,” he said.  “I think it would administer things better if we could limit the citations to one hundred seventy five per court date and drop from about 11 trials to just a few.”

Canova also explained that the courtroom was becoming difficult to manage.  Every seat would be filled and people waiting would stand in the back of the room for an extended period of time.

“It would be better for everyone involved that if we had this second court date we could manage everybody better and get everybody home a little quicker too.”

Councilwoman Deborah Alexander moved to approve the resolution and Mayor Pro-temp Melvin Hasten, Sr. seconded the motion.