City of Plaquemine issues 142 letters requiring property owners to clean up blighted property

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

As part of its on-going clean-up effort, the City of Plaquemine has issued 142 letters to property owners requiring them to clean up their property. The letters were sent out in February and began being enforced in March.

Property owners were notified that their property was in violation of the city’s nuisance ordinances by being kept “in a disorderly and untidy condition so as to be offensive to the neighborhood.” 

The property owners were notified in the letters that they had five days to comply, and failure to comply with the city ordinances would result in enforcement action by the city, including possible issuance of civil citations.

Mayor Edwin “Ed” Reeves, Jr. said he and the Plaquemine Board of Selectmen are committed to cleaning up the city. “The city has made tremendous progress in the past two months in getting its public storage and work facilities cleaned up and in order,” he said. “Now we are focusing on our neighborhoods. Our citizens expect us to help keep our neighborhoods and city clean, and we will do everything we legally can to make sure properties meet city standards.”

Those with questions about the city’s nuisance ordinances regarding properties should call the City Inspector’s Office at 225.687.2208 or contact City Inspector Lenora Crawford at