Iberville Sheriff: Couple involved in officer-involved shooting in Plaquemine continues drug operation within prison

Andrew Green
Gregory Hardin

According to Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi, the ongoing investigation following the officer-involved shooting in Plaquemine on March 10, 2017 led to the arrest of Kenyatta Kelly with additional charges being placed on Gregory Hardin after investigators discovered that Hardin and Kelly continued their drug operation from within the prison.

Kelly, 33, of Plaquemine was arrested and booked into Iberville Parish Jail on the following charges:

Possession of schedule I narcotics (Marijuana);

Two counts of distribution of schedule II (cocaine and crystal meth);

Possession of controlled dangerous substance in the presence of a juvenile;

Criminal conspiracy and

Obstruction of justice.

The marijuana possession charge stems from the March 10 incident when officials were attempting to conduct a traffic stop on a suspect they believed was bringing drugs into Iberville Parish.

Officers were forced to open fire on the vehicle as it attempted to drive through the traffic stop.  The passenger, later identified as Kelly, was struck in the elbow and sustained no life-threatening injuries, according to authorities.  Hardin (driver) and an 18-month-old in the backseat were not harmed.

Hardin was charged with two counts of distribution of schedule II (cocaine and crystal meth) and criminal conspiracy.

According to Stassi, after some investigation officials with the Sheriff’s Department are exploring the possibility of pursuing Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act charges against Hardin and Kelly.

“They are continuing to operate their criminal enterprise from inside the Iberville Parish Jail,” Stassi said, “by continuing to relocate and distribute the narcotics throughout the parish.

“They proceed to collect money from previous drug transactions to further the drug operation and secure funds to post bond and to continue the operation of this criminal enterprise.”

Stassi said these arrests and seizure of these drugs have put a serious dent in the availability of drugs in Iberville Parish.

“The tentacles of this criminal enterprise has touched all parts of Iberville Parish.”

The crystal meth and cocaine have a street value of $8,000, according to Stassi.